History of Obelisk

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History of Obelisk

History of Obelisk

Around the world, from the Great Sultan Ahmad Mosque of Turkey to the Cathedral of St. Peter in the Vatican and the White House, we see soaring pillars with a pyramid head. These columns were symbols of atheism and paganism in the ancient Egyptian religions that have been interpreted differently from time to time. Obelisk, nowadays, have become one of the most respected Freemasonry symbols and followers of Satanic cults and these groups have tried to spread them anywhere in the world in the last few centuries.

An Overview of the Obelisk

Obelisk, which is derived from a Greek word meaning “soaring pillar”, is a tall, four-sided, narrow tapering monument which ends in a pyramid-like shape at the top. According to the mythology of ancient Egypt, this structure was associated with the Sun god, Ra. In a sense that this symbol is a ray of the sun’s rays which had become a stone and “Ra”, the sun god, is within this stone. In the ancient Egyptian language, this structure was also called Tejen. The Egyptians believed that the soaring and narrow body of obelisk is a symbol of defense and protection and the pyramid-like shape of the head of the building also represents the repelling of the negative forces of winds and storms.

Obelisk also became the symbol of “Osiris” during an era, as it was believed that this goddess was able to dominate all other gods therefore, he had some powers of each of the other gods and so Obelisk, a symbol belonging to Ra (the god of the sun or the lord of the heavens), was given to Osiris (the god of death and the underground world). The soul of Osiris, Ba, was called Banebdjed and that was “Ba” who brought dignity and personality and power to Osiris and on the other hand Banebdjed was depicted as a ram, and this was the reason for the worship of this animal by some people, especially in the ancient city of Mendes during the Ancient times. From here, the relationship between Obelisk and the Freemasonry and Illuminati cults begins, which will be discussed in later sections.

Evidently, from other interpretations of Obelisk’s mythology, another point can also be discerned: The ancient Egyptians believed that if a person did not engrave his name somewhere, he will disappear after death. That’s why everyone tried to record their name somewhere. The pharaohs also engraved their names on several places including Obelisk. In fact, it can be siad that Obelisk is a pyramid that is placed on a pillar. The upper pyramid-shape part is the main part of the structure and an important symbol. The dedication of Obelisk to the gods of sun in fact means the pyramid on the head is dedicated to god so that the name of the donor remains forever. Lines Engraved on Obelisk are in hieroglyphic script and includes topics such as the life of Ra, the daily travel of Ra in the heavens, and triumphs and celebrations.

In front of each Egyptian temple, there were usually two Obelisks. Ancient Obelisks were usually made as a one-piece stone structure, while the current Obelisks are made up of separate pieces and even it is possible, as we have seen in the case of Washington Monument Obelisk, that it can have  interior space as well.

Picture of entrance door of Luxor Temple and one of its remaining Obelisks

Of course, the Obelisk symbols were not limited to Egypt either in ancient times or in the following ages. For instance, the Romans were greatly influenced by the Egyption Obelisks and in various parts of their empire they built these symbols, among which are the Arles Obelisk in France, the Benevento city Obelisks in Italy, the Titus Sextius Africanus Obelisk in Munich or the Obelisks of the city of Rome in Italy. Obelisks can also be found in the civilizations of Assyria, the Aksumite Empire in Nigeria, the Kerala region on the southern shores of India, the Byzantine Empire, in particular in the present-day Turkey, or even in Peru, the Tello Obelisk which was discovered in 1919.

The Arles Obelisk (Obélisque d’Arles) in France, built during the Roman Empire

The Obelisk of Theodosius in Istanbul

The Prevalence of Obelisks in Modern Times

An interesting point about Obelisks is that these symbols of paganism are now very commonplace and over the past three centuries, hundreds of Obelisks have been made in different parts of the world. Perhaps this paganistic structure can be considered as one of the few symbols that is used to such an extent in the squares and different places of the world. Various examples of Obelisks can be found in countries such as the USA, England, Russia, Italy, Sweden, France, Scotland, Wales, Romania, Uruguay, Ireland, Pakistan, Singapore, Argentina, New Zealand, Venezuela, Brazil, Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, Bolivia, Serbia, Canada, Jakarta, North Korea, the Philippines and the Occupied Territories of Palestine. The most famous Obelisk in modern era, which is also the largest Obelisk of history, is the Washington Monument Obelisk built in the nineteenth century in the United States to commemorate George Washington, the first US president and a senior member of the Masonic lodges.

The Obelisk of Buenos Aires which was built in 1936 and was rebuilt in 2005

 The importance of Obelisk in Freemasonry and the religion of Satanism

As previously mentioned, The soul of Osiris, Ba, was called Banebdjed and that was “Ba” who brought dignity and personality and power to Osiris and on the other hand Banebdjed was depicted as a ram, and this was the reason for the worship of this animal by some people, especially in the ancient city of Mendes during the Ancient times. The ram of Mendes or Banebdjed then turned into Baphomet and Baphomet was worshiped by sects from Freemasonry, such as Knights Templar, who played a special role in the Crusades. Now the Baphomet is used by the Kabbalah cult which is one of the sects of Jewish mysticism and Freemasonry. Baphomet is a goat with a pentagonal star on its forehead, which is the current symbol of Satan worshipers and Freemasons. (Of course, it’s worth noting that the pentagram on the flag of some Islamic states has a distinct difference with this star and is its upside-down form) In the Kabbalistic view, Baphomet’s one arm is female, and the other is male like, his two hands forming the sign of Hermeticism, the one pointing up to the white moon of Chesed, the other pointing down to the black moon of Geburah which expresses the perfect harmony of mercy with justice. There is a flame of intelligence shining between Baphomet’s horns. There is a rod standing instead of Baphomet’s genitals which symbolizes eternal life and his breasts have been interpreted as Humanism.

Baphomet, god of Satan worshipers

As already mentioned, this architecture is now found in many main squares throughout many cities of Europe and United States. This was accomplished by Freemasons in the 19th century. Thus, Obelisk became the symbol of the great power of Freemasonry in this century, and this reflects the deep and secret love of Freemasons to this evil icon.
Freemasons have a great deal of interest in Osiris and its legend. In this legend, Osiris, the Egyptian king, marries his sister Isis. Osiris’s brother, Set, takes the decision to kill his brother in order to seize the throne. Set deceives Osiris into hiding in a golden box, but immediately locks the door of the box and cast it in the Nile River. The box reaches the city of Byblos in the present Syria and while it had the dead body of Osiris, stopped beside an acacia tree. Isis discovers this conspiracy and goes to find her husband. She sees in a dream that she can find her husband in Byblos. Isis finds her husband’s body and takes it back to Egypt however Set steals the body of Osiris and mutilates it (divides it into 14 parts) and sends each part to different regions of Egypt as he is afraid that Osiris might become alive again. Isis again goes to find her husband’s body parts and she is only unsuccessful in finding one part. She buries all the other 13 parts. The son of Osiris, Horus, takes his father’s revenge and kills his uncle. The other son of Osiris, Anubis, resurrects his father and now Osiris is known as the god of the dead.

The only part of the Osiris’s body that was not found was his penis which Set had thrown in the Nile and the fish swallowed it. Because of this, Isis made an artificial penis and the a cult was established in Egypt for worshipping it. Some people believe that Obelisk is a symbol of the same structure that Isis has built.

God of Osiris, the god of the dead and the underground world, the popular god of Freemasons

 The Devil’s Symbol at the Christian Center of the World

The Obelisks did not come up after the collapse of the Roman Empire, until the Renaissance. The most important Obelisk in Rome (known as the capital of Obelisks) is in the Vatican, the center of the Catholic Christians of the World. A structure at a height of 5.25 meters that was moved from Egypt to this city in 37 AD. Later, the Pope Sixtus V decided to erect this Obelisk in St. Peter’s Square, in front of a church with the same name. The Pope, due to the installation of a cross on its pyramid, intended to make Obelisk a symbol of holiness throughout Rome and put them in front of all the major churches in the city to be a means to promote Christianity. Pope Sixtus V, before installing the Obelisk in St. Peter’s Square, placed a wooden Obelisk instead in its place to finish the exorcism ceremony of the main Obelisk and its installation finished in 1586 by employing 1,000 men and using 140 horses.

The masters of the church say the following to justify putting the Obelisk in the mentioned square: “For the unbelievers, the pyramidal pillar is a solar symbol which represents a vital flow between heaven and earth and a way of communicating with God. As a historical monument of idolatry in the largest Christian square, it is a symbol of humanity for reaching Christ.” Of course, this Obelisk also plays the role of a solar clock and according to Pope Benedict XVI: “that gigantic solar clock helps to remind him of his daily prayers and of the holy day throughout the year.”

The symbol of the Devil in the capital of Christianity

 Relocation of other Obelisks by Freemasons

In the nineteenth century, the Freemasons introduced Obelisks as the only monument of Osiris to the architecture of many of the cities of Western civilization. This reached its peak during the plunder of Egypt by Napoleon. Paris was the first city in the western civilization to incorporate this architecture into itself. In 1830, Egyptian regent Mohammad Ali gave an Obelisk as a gift to the King of France which is now in Concorde Square (Place de la Concorde) in Paris. This square was called the Revolution Square (Place de la Révolution) during the French Revolution in 1789 and it was a place where the revolutionaries guillotined the aristocrats and priests.

Obelisk in the Concord Square, to which a gold-leafed pyramid cap was added by order of Chirac

The engravings on this Obelisk are the praises on the pharaoh of Egypt. In 1998, by order of the French President Jacques Chirac, a gold-leafed pyramid cap was added to this Obelisk. In 1875, General James Alexander (Sir James Alexander) decided to relocate an Obelisk to London. Dr. Erasmus Wilson was a famous freemason who bore the expense of bringing this Obelisk to London. It was installed by two Freemason engineers Dixon and Stephenson. In 1878, this Obelisk was erected on the Thames Embankment next to the River Thames in central London, and due to the efforts made for this displacement and installation, Doctor Wilson was knighted. This Obelisk is known as Cleopatra’s Needle. As mentioned, the Obelisks in ancient Egypt were erected at the gate of the temples in the form of twins. The London Obelisk’s twin was transported to New York by Freemasons, and in 1881, it was erected in Central Park just west of the Metropolitan Museum of Art. The cost of this relocation was borne by the capitalist and Freemason William Vanderbilt. In the opening ceremony, after the installation of this Obelisk, the 9000-man Freemasonry Orchestra had a performance and Jessie Anthony, Grand Master of the New York Freemasonry, delivered a speech at the ceremony. In this speech, it was stated that Egypt is the birthplace of science, astronomy, literature and art and we freemasons should follow our principles in ancient Egypt and restore those principles.

Cleopatra’s Needle in London and Its twin Obelisk in Central Park New York

How did the world’s greatest Obelisk evolve?

Of course, in this century, a plan for building a huge Obelisk was running. Since 1848 in Washington, DC the implementation of this plan has begun and this Obelisk which was named (Washington Monument) was built to commemorate George Washington the first president of the United States who was a freemason.

A view of the Washington Obelisk and the White House

In the funeral of George Washington in 1799, which was held in accordance with Freemasonry customs, each freemason put, on the coffin of George Washington, a branch of Acacia tree which was a symbol of the return and resurrection of Osiris in the hope of the eternal life and survival of Washington. In 1885, on the birthday anniversary of George Washington, this Obelisk was opened. During the speech of the ceremony, an important Freemason said: “We are the creators of human society and the rocks of this building are the living men, whose minds are illuminated by divine love and their hearts shine with this pure love and their souls are hoping for an eternal life like Osiris.” The weight of this building is 81,000 tons and its height is 555 meters. As of now, this Obelisk is the world’s largest and tallest Obelisk. This structure can be clearly seen from the White House and the US Congress. Since Ronald Reagan, all presidential inauguration ceremonies are held at the foot of the building. Construction of this building cost $ 1300,000 and the weight of its tip pyramid is 3300 pounds. Washington Obelisk is 900 meters west of the congress and 900 meters south of the main Freemasonry lodge.

After a recent earthquake in Washington, DC, this evil avatar sustained some damage. According to reports, The US government has invited several engineering groups to fix this Obelisk as soon as possible and enhance its resistance to the possible future damage.

 Removing the Devil’s Symbol from ramī al-jamarāt (Stoning of the Devil) ritual and replacing it with a Wall

Over the years, the pilgrims of The Holy Kaaba, used to throw stone at a pillar similar to Obelisk during the ramī al-jamarāt (Stoning of the Devil) ritual so that they dissociate themselves from the Devil and repel the Devil that is exiled from the kingdom of God, from their hearts. In recent years, following the decision of Saudi Arabia to rebuild Mecca, in addition to the destructions that occurred in the historical parts of the Kaaba as well as suspicious constructions around the Masjid al-Harām, the three pillars of Satan were also replaced by a wall. The design of the wall of ramī al-jamarāt (Stoning of the Devil) ritual was done by a Zionist architect named Norman Foster who has designed and constructed a large number of Obelisks. Is this done with the aim of keeping the Obelisk-like pillar of Satan, from the rocks of the pilgrims?

Images of the pillar and the walls of the devil at ramī al-jamarāt (Stoning of the Devil) ritual

 Why do Iranians burn the Obelisk?

In February 2011, Iranian youth, again made an innovative move to surprise the world. Something that nobody else in this planet even dare to think about it. On the anniversary of the victory of the Great Islamic Revolution of Iran (Feb. 11), Obelisk was burned as a symbol of the devil.

This great movement, which has repeatedly been repeated in recent years, was followed by a larger ramification and made the Shiite youth of Iran, once more, to become a model for the rest of the world.

But what was the cause of this movement and why was it started in Iran?

To answer this question, we must look at the symbol of Obelisk among Muslims; as Iran is an Islamic country and the course of its movements is determined by Islam.

ramī al-jamarāt (Stoning of the Devil)

Everything goes back to many years ago; when the prophet Ibrahim (PBUH) was appointed by God to sacrifice his son, Ismail (According to the Bible, the sacrifice was Isaac). Ibrahim (PBUH) trusted in God and set off with his son to the altar. It was a test for both of them, so that the bright future would be presented to them. Meanwhile, the Devil, who was horrified by this divine gift, tried to prevent them from executing God’s command. The Devil approached them on three occasions in three different places, so that he might defeat Ibrahim (PBUH) by using Ibrahim’s paternal love. But the Prophet, who had a firm conviction and would listen to nothing except the Word of Allah, each time, using seven rocks, he “pelted” the Satan and took refuge in God. Thus, he passed the Divine test and God reunited him with Ismail. So, God gave him good news and promised Imamate (leadership) to him and said: “through Ismail, I will give you a pure and innocent generation to enforce my laws on the earth by them.” According to the Shia Muslims, that promised generation is the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), his daughter, Fatima, his son-in-law and successor Ali and their children Hassan and Hussein, and nine Imams who are the descendants of Hussein ibn Ali, the last of which has the same name as the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and is the founder of divine government.

“And as for Ishmael, I have heard you: I will surely bless him; I will make him fruitful and will greatly increase his numbers. He will be the father of twelve rulers, and I will make him into a great nation.” (The Book of Genesis 17: 21)

This act which is called ramī al-jamarāt (Stoning of the Devil), is performed every year during the Muslims’ Hajj ritual as one of its principles.  “Ali bin Ja’far” says: I asked Imam Musa al-Kadhim (PBUH): Why is ramī al-jamarāt compulsory? He said: Since the Devil appeared in the position of these rocks to Ibrahim (PBUH) and he stoned him, this action became a Sunnah in Hajj.” (Bihār al-Anwār, Vol. 96, Page. 273)

The History of Jamarāt Pillar (Obelisk)

Jamarāt means a place for accumulating pebbles. The reason for calling columns this name can be for several reasons: One of the reasons is that the mentioned pillars are built on the ground, which is the place for the ramī (stoning) pebbles accumulation. But the second reason for this naming may be the construction of pillars that is of stone and cement; therefore, it can be the exemplification of Jamarāt. “The late Fazil-e Isfahani in Kashful Atham, says in the interpretation of Jamra: it is the pillar that is constructed, or the place of that pillar.” (A New Study on ramī al-jamarāt. Ayatollah Makarem Shirazi)

At this ritual, exactly in the three places where the Devil appeared in front of Ibrahim the prophet, Muslims throw seven pebbles to demonstrate ramī (stoning) and to symbolize their accompaniment with God’s Prophet.

“Jamarāt is a symbol of Satan, and stoning them is a kind of expressing hatred and disgust at the Satan; as this concept is also mentioned in the ramī al-jamarāt prayer: “O God, take away Satan from me” (Wasā’il al-Shia)

The time and the reason of the construction of these pillars are unclear; however what is clear is the very similarity of Jamarāt to Obelisk. The Jamarāt pillars are quadrilateral and have pyramid-shaped heads and are also called the “pillar of the Devil”.

What is important is the antiquity of this symbol throughout the human history; although not called Obelisk, and known as the “Ba’l” (a pillar for worshiping the god of the sun). In the Holy Quran / Surah As-Saaffat / Verse 125 it is stated: “Do you call upon Ba’l and leave the best of creators?” “It turns out that they had a famous idol called “Ba’l” in front of which the prostrated themselves.”Elijah” prevented them from this ugly behaviour, and invited them towards the great creator of the world and the pure monotheism. It has been said that this golden idol was so big that its length reached 20 cubits and had four faces [it was quadrilateral], and its attendants were over four hundred.” (Tafsir Nemooneh)

In another place and in the Torah / II Kings / Chapter 17 / Verse 16 it is stated: “And they forsook all the commandments of the Lord their God, and made for themselves two molten calves, and they made an asherah, and they prostrated themselves before the entire host of the heavens, and they worshipped the Ba’l.”

But its objective samples should be sought in Egypt; Center of the Pagan Religions of the World and Kabbalism. Obelisk was a symbol of fertility between Isis and Osiris that resulted in the birth of Horus, the god of the sun. Some legends say: Obelisk is a ray of the sun that is transformed into a rock and is the place of peace and life for Horus. On the other hand it is also the symbol of death and the world of the dead; as Osiris was the god of the world of the dead and the god of revelation.

Since the Zionists, the Satanists and other groups of this kind have the roots of their beliefs in Kabbalah and, subsequently, the Qabbath or Jabbat (superstition and false objects of worship) (Surah An-Nisa [4:51]) that is Egypt, the antiquity of this symbol and its root in Egypt, led to the selection of Obelisk as their main symbol. The significance of this cursed pillar is to an extent that in the last century, hundreds of Obelisks have been made in different parts of the world.

Protecting the Devil’s Pillar

However, the Ba’l idol, that was sanctified by the followers of pagan religions, each year, during the Hajj pilgrimage, was being attacked by the Muslim’s hatred stone. Therefore, on the orders of the tyrant regime, a Zionist architect named Norman Foster, in collaboration with the House of Saud (the Wahhabi sect promoter) and with the alibi of overcrowding, built a wall around the Devil’s pillars to keep them from the Hezbollah rocks and basically this anti-Devil – in today’s world, anti-Zionist – move was removed from the Hajj monotheistic ritual.

This act was a new war declaration, from the supporters and followers of the Devil and the pioneers of his party, the Zionists. Therefore, it was necessary that a group react to this action and to rise up, and once again, enslave and humiliate the Devil and his followers. The only country that had the power, dare, and a great motivation to do this was the Islamic Republic of Iran. Consequently, a group of youths of Islamic Iran, through making and burning this satanic symbol, proved that “Indeed, the plot of Satan has ever been weak” (Surah An-Nisa [4:76]) and “there is no power and no strength except in God.” Following this move and in the summer of 2011, an earthquake cracked as well as a tilted in three degrees the world’s tallest Obelisk – the famous 169-meter Obelisk of Washington, DC which made Iranians happy and made them more insistent in this actions of theirs. It is as if Allah Almighty had a message to Satan’s followers.

Relationship between Israel and the Obelisk

In fact, Obelisk is the symbol of the “New World Order”, the one introduced to the world by the Jewish Zionist Rockefeller for the first time and later it was used by Bush, the father and the son. The incident that they wanted to celebrate in 2012 through a lot of propaganda which, as usual, failed and they had to postpone their new world order.

The incident that was scheduled to take place in 1980, but due to the Islamic Revolution of Iran, was postponed to other dates including 2000, 2007 and 2012.

What attracts everyone’s attention is Obelisk’s holiness for states such as Israel, the United States and Britain.

All the claims of Israel on the Palestinian land and the noble Jerusalem are based on religious alibis. They consider themselves Jewish and followers of Moses (AS) and by promoting this theory, they have created a cover for all their evil deeds; and this is the very behaviour the British, American and Saudi governments adopt.

But how can a Jewish, Christian, and Muslim believer take steps towards Satan’s goals, whom God has identified as an open enemy?

Are these governments really the one that they claim they are?

من قبلانم چیزایی درمورد خوندم ولی واقعا چون منبع قابل اعتمادی واسه این گفته ها وجود نداره نمیشه صد در صد چیزی گفت
توی عکس های تاریخی بگردی در حج ، حاجی ها به ابلیسک سنگ پرتاب میکنن ولی چند سالی هست ال سعود اون رو برداشته و به جاش دیوار ساخته . این یک منبع برای این گفته هاست. با تحقیق بیشتر و کنار گذاشتن تعصبات همیشه حقیقت پیدا میشه و  پیدا کردن حقیقت تا ابد ادامه داره.
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