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One Day by Maher Zain with lyric

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one day maher zain

One Day by Maher Zain with lyric

We dedicate this song to the refugees of Syria and all people who suffer from war

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One Day Lyrics

Lying here wide awake on my own now

Animals at house, Islam’s view

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Animals at house, Islam’s view

Animals at house, Islam’s view


  • The Prophet of Islam (PBUH) said, “White rooster is dear to me, and those hostile towards it are hostile towards God; this bird guards his owner’s house and the houses of seven of the neighbors on each side.” Prophet PBUH kept it inside the house during the nights.


  • Imam Sadeq (PBUH) said, “All the prophets kept pigeons within their houses, because idiots of the gene race annoy children; but if pigeons are kept within the house, they will play with the birds and avoid disturbing family members.”


ISIS, The Things Not Heared

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ISIS, The Things Not Heared

Lecturer: Mr. RaefiPour

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The official English website of Masaf Institute

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Ask Mr.RaefiPour

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Ask Mr.RaefiPour

Mr. RaefiPour is a university professor and researcher in the apocalyptic topics and Cults.

you can comment your question at the comment box

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mahdi(pbuh) & jesus(pbuh) will come together

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